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Is Cyber Insurance Worth It?

Today’s fast-paced tech world is showing how vulnerable companies and individuals are to cybercrime and hacking. Every time the major software companies close known vulnerabilities hackers and cybercriminals find new issues to exploit. Plus, no amount of software can effectively protect against phishing schemes. Cyber insurance is a way to cope up with this. Cyber ….  Read More

How IT Consulting Leads to a Boost in Your Business

Introduction Did you know that an IT consultant can benefit the performance of your business? They can do wonders at helping small businesses keep up with advancing technology. Without them, it can be easy to get lost or focus on the wrong things. We put together this brief guide on how IT consulting can help ….  Read More

Why Having Data Backup Is Important for Your Business

So, imagine this situation—you walk into your house, turn the light switch on, and you hear that tingly “pop” sounds as the light burns out. If you were smart and prepared, you should probably have some extra light bulbs on hand in your closet. If you don’t have any spares, well then, you’ll have to ….  Read More

How IT Guys Protect Businesses from Cybersecurity Threats

Information, particularly online information, has become a form of currency. For modern companies, the threat of information being leaked or stolen is a serious concern. IT specialists, short for information technology specialists, are on the front lines of defense against hackers, phishers, and scammers. What Are the Biggest Current Cybersecurity Threats to Businesses? The threat ….  Read More

How Cloud Software Can Keep Your Business Connected

The term “the cloud” gets thrown around all the time but most businesses have no idea what it can do for them. It is a lucrative way to make things accessible and easily connected, especially in large businesses. Using this software can be tough to get used to but when it is all set up ….  Read More