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Big Changes Coming To Windows 10

Microsoft is currently working on their second big patch for windows 10 and they are saying that it is even larger than the anniversary update. The new update is code named “Redstone 2” however the name will likely change after Redstone 1 was switched to anniversary update. The update, which was scheduled for later this ….  Read More

SpaceX Unveils It’s Plans To Get You To Mars

Yesterday during a webcast SpaceX announced its plans to send 100 people to Mars in under 80 days. When it comes to space current space travel the costs are high, however Elon Musk (SpaceX CEO) believes they can get the cost of a ticket to the red planet down to the median cost of a ….  Read More

Nokia Promising To Make Current Internet Speeds Look Like Dial Up

Think your internet is fast? This week Nokia will unveil a new data transfer technology that promises to offer up to 1TBps or 1000 Gigabits per second! Nokia Bell Labs, Deutsche Telekom T-Labs, and the Technical University of Munich are going to show off a new tech called Probabilistic Constellation Shaping that they say can offer ….  Read More

New MIT Study Finds 40% Of E-Waste Industry Is a Sham!

In a recent investigation by Basel Action Network and MIT revealed that a shocking 40% of E-Waist in the united states goes straight to another country to whole sale land fills instead of being properly disposed of. This investigation attached GPS trackers to electronics that were then dropped of at over 150 different recycles. of those ….  Read More

Why You Need To Update Your Iphone ASAP

Apple released an update to IOS 9 today that included a patch for a serious security vulnerability. The new version 9.3.5  fixes some other minor bugs in IOS but apple has warned its users to update immediately. The new attack exploits three previously unknown vulnerabilities in the IOS firmware. Earlier this month a Emirati human ….  Read More