Experience Robust, Scalable, and Simplified IT Security Solutions

IT security is critical for your business to help it secure sensitive information. Without a robust and high-end IT security setup, you cannot expect to protect your business data. We understand that having security arrangements for your digital assets can be challenging and expensive. But we make the process simple, accessible, and affordable for you. At Economic Computers, we protect your entire business with a powerful and comprehensive layered security approach.

Our unified and seamless IT security setup services in Fort Lauderdale and its surrounding areas have helped hundreds of businesses. Every business is unique, and we provide IT security according to your specific needs after in-depth analysis and discussion. Our network security experts work with you to select the best multi-layered IT security setup solution that addresses your security concerns while ensuring compliance. We use cutting-edge security technology to provide instant protection and scalability as your business grows and expands.

IT Security Setup Solutions We Offer in Fort Lauderdale

Economic Computers provides a wide array of IT security services with a layered approach. We ensure that you have multiple network security layers combining the latest technologies to provide maximum safety and peace of mind. Our range of services includes but is not limited to the following.

Perimeter set up with firewall

By installing a perimeter set up with a firewall, we provide a security application that defends the boundary between public and private networks. It prevents suspicious and unwanted data from entering your network, filtering both external and internal traffic.

Workstation security, antivirus, patching policy

We help you create a workstation, security, antivirus patching policy that drafts the requirements and guidelines for vulnerability management. It involves different phases like deployment and documentation of security patches that we apply to your company’s endpoints.

Server security updates

Our experts regularly upgrade your server security through tested and approved updates. We use an automated and highly-secure process for this procedure to send server security updates.

Email Security, Email Filtering, MFA, phishing protection

By setting up multi-layer email security and spam filtering in your IT security systems, we protect your email servers from phishing emails and DDoS attacks.

Penetration testing

We quickly and safely perform a thorough ethical assessment of your cyber security measures to identify and exploit any vulnerability affecting your computer systems, networks, websites, and applications. After identifying the weakness, we apply a suitable solution to eliminate the risk of malicious attacks.

Compliance services

Compliance and security go hand in hand. Our IT security compliance experts help your business with network security and compliance needs. We provide discreet and cost-effective security compliance solutions that deliver real value to your business.

Phishing and malware simulation tests

Our security specialists can perform phishing and malware simulation tests on your company’s infrastructure. It helps you assess employee awareness regarding phishing email scams. Plus, it can help reduce the risks of ransomware, malware, and other kinds of cyberattacks.

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