Data backup and continuity services

Professional Data Backup and Continuity Services in Las Vegas, South Florida

An IT infrastructure and system is the backbone of today’s businesses. You may think that your technology is working smoothly and efficiently, improving your business productivity and fueling success. But despite that, there are high risks of failure if your organization is not prepared to face the worst. Do you have a backup plan in case of an extended power outage? Are you ready to handle data breaches in your organization?

Such unexpected and unfortunate events can disrupt and plague your business. They can have a negative effect on the overall productivity and shake your customer’s trust in the company. At Economic Computers, we understand these challenges and provide you with a robust and customized data backup and business continuity plan to save your business from such threats. We offer services to businesses in Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, South Florida, and surrounding areas.

We can tailor our services to meet all your needs and fit your business size. Our experts provide a backup plan to protect all your sensitive information and implement contingencies to your existing technology infrastructure. We also help you improve your policies that account for continuity and reduce unwanted downtime as much as possible.

Services We Offer

At Economic Computers, we adopt a proactive and client-centered approach towards data backup and continuity. Our innovative services ensure that your critical business operations and data stay accessible to all stakeholders who need access to them.

Data Backup management

Data Backup managementData Backup and management play a critical role in any business’ IT system. We provide you with next-generation data backup and management solutions to meet your organization’s evolving needs, irrespective of its size. We work closely with you to ensure maximum value in terms of data protection and management investments. Our services help you improve compliance and lower risks while improving the environment for data protection.

Local and Cloud Backup

We provide local backup services on-site and cloud-backup offsite so that your data stays on the secure cloud server. Our experts determine your needs for data backup and recommend the best solution that fits your requirements. We ensure that both your local and cloud backup stays active, protected, and accessible whenever you need to save your data from breaches, damage, and loss. Through our integrated services, you can easily manage your local and cloud data backups anytime.

Disaster Recovery

A disaster can result in a business shutdown, resulting in losses and reduced productivity. Economic Computers can help prevent this situation with our disaster recovery plan. We investigate your IT system for any vulnerability that can put your company in a critical condition. This enables us to prepare your business for any type of disaster and prevent the worst from happening.

Datacenter Replication

Datacenter replication allows you to transfer your data and protect it with minimal risks and costs. With the help of Economic Computers, you can move and replicate all your data with greater control and visibility at a lower cost. This ensures that your company rapidly recovers from disaster and bounces back through rapid business continuity procedures.

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