Structured and Reliable Network Cabling and Wiring Services in Fort Lauderdale

Structured and robust network cabling and wiring are necessary to building an efficient and dependable business telecommunication infrastructure. With a well-organized networking cabling system, you can ensure seamless and secure communications across the company. At Economic Computers, we offer high-quality and performance-oriented network cabling and wiring solutions in Fort Lauderdale to meet your specific needs and goals.

Our experienced professionals adhere to the best practices and established standards to provide high-performing and secure networking cabling and wiring solutions. We consider your office infrastructure, individual requirements, product and equipment needs, concerns, future needs, and budget while developing a solution. This enables us to deliver a technologically flexible and scalable networking cabling and wiring system with excellent performance.

Services We Offer

Economic Computers offers a comprehensive range of network cabling and wiring services. We provide you with stable, fast, constant, and secure connections that optimally handle all your critical and data-heavy communications. We do it right the first time so you can enjoy the flexibility of growing your business. Our specialists deliver real value to each client by establishing a compliant, feasible, well-organized, and well-performing telecommunication infrastructure.

Network and Phone Wiring

Our professionals determine your telecommunication needs and discuss your goals to design, install and maintain a network and phone wiring system specifically for your business. We ensure structured and organized writing with industry-standard connectivity for your modern communications.

Patch Panel Installation, Closet Wire Management

Organize your wiring by grouping multiple ports into a single location through patch panel design and installation. Plus, we provide efficient closet wire management allowing you to install new wiring and cables without hassle.

Wireless Access Point Installation and Wireless Assessments

Our team of experienced professionals discusses and determines your requirements and installs secure wireless access points with controllers, external antennas, patch cables, and power supplies. This enables optimal protection from malicious attacks.

Rack Installations

We have a fully trained and experienced team to perform rack installations with speed and efficiency. We thoroughly analyze your requirements before installing racks to ensure it meets your timeline and budget. Our experts can also produce customized racks that fit your precise needs.

Camera System and Surveillance

Today, your business needs robust security and surveillance to protect it from intruders and trespassers. We provide state-of-the-art and highly-sophisticated custom-tailored camera systems and surveillance solutions that give maximum protection to your enterprise. Our experts assess your security needs and develop a solution accordingly.

VOIP Systems setup and management

You can effectively reduce your costs and maximize your communication productivity with the right selection of VOIP systems and proper management. We are specialists in designing, installing, and managing the latest VOIP system that lowers your costs and improves your communication significantly, unlike conventional telephone exchange.

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