Google Lights Its New Undersea Fiber Line To Taiwan


Google will soon be lighting a new fiber line that spans from Taiwan to Japan. This new line will be directly linking google facilities in California, Taiwan, and Japan. These lines will be used to speed up access to YouTube and googles other cloud services for the areas.


Google facilities in California, Taiwan, and Japan

It is said that the cable connecting the two countries will be able to handle speeds of 26 Terabits per second. These speeds will dramatically improve the companies data center in Taiwan's Changchun County, Googles largest Asia facility. 

New Undersea Fiber Line To Taiwan

Google still has a few lines planned but this is the major next step. Back in June google finished its line connecting a 6,000 kilometer line Oregon to two points in japan, this cable is an extension of that network. The line built by google cost the country an estimated $50 Million. This line is a huge leap for the country in terms of connectivity and I only hope they continue to thrive in this ever changing technology market.