The GPU Shortage Is Over. What That Means for Computer Upgrades And Repairs

It wasn’t that long ago that if you wanted to get a new graphics card for your computer you were probably better off buying a computer with the card you wanted than trying to get the graphics card on its own.

Thankfully, part of the supply chain issues that were causing a shortage of graphics cards has been resolved, which means that new graphics cards are hitting the market again.

If you’re looking to get a new graphics card for a computer repair or upgrade, you’re in luck. The changes in market conditions are close to ideal for people looking to make an upgrade right now.

GPU shortage

Here’s why the end to the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) shortage is good news for computer upgrades, both personal and professional:

Surplus Of GPUs Coming Just Before a Generation Change

The last few years have been rough in the world of technology. A lot of product delays failed shipments, and short runs of computers, computer chips, graphics cards, and other key components have meant that prices went up and availability when down.

The problem was so bad for a while that consumers were able to buy pre-built computers for less than it would cost to build a comparable machine for themselves.

However, the companies that produce GPUs didn’t stop production entirely because of a lack of a few parts for the cards. Instead, like cars and plenty of other products, manufacturers opted to do everything they could without the missing parts.

That meant that they could move quickly once semiconductors and other key components were available again, putting them in a position to quickly make up for lost ground once the shortage was over.

Now that parts are available, that means that manufacturers are now able to produce a large number of GPUs. The problem is that the next generation of GPUs is just about to release, so the older GPUs they can produce now are just about to be obsolete.

According to Ars Technica, NVIDIA has announced that they are going to limit the number of GPUs they sell to other manufacturers and computer parts stores to that those companies can clear their existing inventory to make room for the new product.

Companies Motivated to Move Inventory

With companies more motivated to move inventory to make room for the advancements that are going to be released in the next few months, that means that we’re dealing with almost the reverse of the problem we had this time last year.

Instead of there being too few GPUs, companies have more of the last generation’s stock than they want. That means that we can expect prices for the last generation of equipment to come down.

Your GPU is a significant portion of the total cost of building a computer, so this is a huge opportunity if you’ve been thinking about upgrading your computer or needed to new GPU to replace a failing card.

Take Advantage of The GPU Surplus: Get Your Computer Repaired Or Upgraded

If you’re looking for someone who can upgrade your GPU, or evaluate if your computer will be able to handle a new GPU, now is a good time to act.

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