200 Million Yahoo Accounts For Sale On The Dark Web

This Monday the pretty well known hacker who goes by the name “Peace” and was responsible for LinkedIn and Myspace breaches; started advertising a massive dump of yahoo user information. This data includes Email, hashed passwords, personal info and secondary email addresses. The hacker told motherboard, who broke the story, that he had been already ….  Read More

Washington state files suit against Comcast for $100 Million!

Everyone who has used Comcast has had their fair share of problems with the service. From outages to throttling and now data caps on their plans! Well It seems that the state of Washington has had enough of it. Comcast offered a $4.99 protection plan in the state that was advertised as insurance for a ….  Read More

Still want Windows 10 but missed the deadline?

A Youtube user found that by changing the clock on your machine to when the offer was still available it will let you get the free upgrade. Once the clock has been changed to July 28th, the prompt will provide the option to start the upgrade. After clicking that, it will begin downloading Windows 10 ….  Read More

Microsoft Announces Plans To Lay Off 2850 More Employees

This week Microsoft announced they will be laying off 2850 more employees than they had previously stated. This coming after the 1850 lay offs they announced in may earlier this year.   Almost all of the lay offs are from their Nokia Division leaving them almost nothing to show for from their $7 billion acquisition ….  Read More

White House Unveils New Cyber Security Threat Chart

The white house has just recently approved the usage of a simple cyber security threat chat. I doubt we will see a 1984 doomsday clock style report anytime soon. This will be used mostly internally and the people will probably never know what the threat level is on.   These are the determining factors to ….  Read More

The Windows 10 anniversary update is out, here’s our rundown.

  1. Major improvements to security.Microsoft edge will now feature native bio-metric features so you wont have to worry about saving passwords.Along with some improvements to the way windows defender works they are also adding a new product for enterprise users to detect attacks early. 2. Windows Ink.“Quickly and easily take a note, sketch on ….  Read More

Fortune 500 company hires ransomware gang to hack competition.

Fortune 500 company hires ransomware gang to hack competition. A recent paper published by the Fsecure security firm unveiled a pretty ugly truth about how some companies are beating the competition. Fsecure was able to interview a member of a ransomeware gand hired to hack a competative business. The ransomeware was used to disrupt the ….  Read More

Opera sells to Chinese consortium for $600 Million

Earlier this year opera was eyeing a $1.6 Billion dollar acquisition but after that deal fell through they made a deal with a conglomerate of chinese corperations including Qihoo 360 (a Chinese internet security company) and kunlun (a mobile game developer). Opera owns 1.9% of the desktop browser market share and over 10% of mobile. ….  Read More

Spacex completes another successful mission from Cape Canaveral Florida!

This marks their fourth successful landing of stage one. After accelerating to a speed of nearly 1600 meters per second(3579Mp/H) the stage one booster sucessfully fell back to earth and landed on an unmanned drone ship in the ocean using nothing but its on board stabilizers and booster. This mission carried over 2 Tons of ….  Read More